Applying to schools

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Many four-year colleges and universities receive more applications than they have spots available. This means competition can be tough, especially for the most desirable schools.
Assemble an impressive college application packet

* Understanding the admissions process
* What's important to schools
* Submitting your applications
* Making your selection

Now that you have an idea of what you want for yourself and what you want in a school, the next step is getting into the college of your choice.

It's not just private, name-brand, ivy-clad universities that are tough to get into. Some local state colleges have multiple applicants competing for one spot.

Your application packet should convince the admissions committee that they should accept you over someone else.

Myth: The best schools scoop up the top test scorers and valedictorians to fill their classes.

Reality: Many of the best schools turn away valedictorians and top test scorers. They want diverse student bodies made up of different kinds of students — athletes, community volunteers, student government leaders, artists, yearbook staffers, band members, debaters, and Future Farmers of America.

While grades and test scores are critical, what you do outside the classroom gives admissions committees a better idea of what you can contribute to the campus community.


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