Be debt savvy before you borrow

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Congratulations! You are on your way toward a better future by investing a higher education. Smart borrowing will save you money and ensure you are financially prepared to take the next step.
Debt savvy ways to pay for college

Sallie Mae's 1-2-3 approach to paying for college: Cut through all the information and see the most cost-effective way to pay for school.

Use our Education Investment Planner: This free, interactive tool offers easy-to-follow guidance on paying for college based on your budget and financial goals. You can make plans for different schools and payment options. The Planner estimates and compares total education costs at over 5,500 colleges and graduate schools.

Borrow only what you can afford: Calculate your debt-to-income ratio. (That's what lenders do.)

Keep your debt level low: Most students are on limited budgets. Here are some ways to be debt savvy about your daily finances.

Using private loans to pay for school: After maximizing all free money and fully exploring federal loans, private student loans are another way to cover college costs.

It's never too late to start saving for school. Find out what 8 million members already know: Join Upromise and let your everyday spending help pay for school.


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