Be debt savvy while in school

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As you work toward your degree, consider some easy ways to be debt savvy, protect your credit, and successfully manage your loans.
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Being debt savvy in school can mean you will leave school in good financial health. Your credit rating will be better and you will be a better candidate for future loans, leases, and jobs.
Staying in school

Borrow wisely and live within your means.

Three debt savvy tips now that you are in school: Graduate on time, make payments now if you can, and keep track of your paperwork.

Keeping your debt level low: Most students live on a limited budget. Here are some ways to be debt savvy about your daily finances and debt.

Are you having financial difficulties? Recognize the signs and take action early.

Be debt savvy with credit cards: Use them wisely.

The ins and outs of your credit score: See the effects your score can have on your everyday life.
Taking out more loans?

Borrow only what you can afford: Calculate your debt-to-income ratio. (That's what lenders do.)

Using private loans to pay for school: After maximizing all free money and fully exploring federal loans, private student loans are another way to cover college costs.


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