Be debt savvy

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Be debt savvy — learn responsible debt management practices, starting with your first student loan and lasting throughout your life.
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By building and maintaining a good credit rating, you will be well on your way to a solid financial footing.

Be debt savvy by understanding how to manage your expenses, protect your credit score, and borrow wisely. A few simple practices can jump-start your successful financial future.
Be debt savvy with your education money

* Before you borrow: What you need to know.
* While in school: Keep your finances under control.
* Preparing to graduate: Learn about your repayment options and stay on top of your finances.
* In repayment: Build and keep a strong credit rating.

Save money with Sallie Mae's be debt savvy resources

* Understand our 1-2-3 approach to paying for collegeSM
* Build a strong, positive credit history
* Be an educated borrower
* Learn about the best student loan repayment options for you
* Explore our FAQs about credit history and student loans
* See how some borrowers paid their loans off in full


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