After three decades of war, Cambodian start a new face to face the world. In the mean time, everything is updating from time to time. And the rest of people from Khmer Rough, as well are growing and in this stage the educational service are also in great demand for the new generation.

Compared to the past time, now Cambodian government are strongly constricted to educational service and they know that the most principle course for one country to have glamor is to have high educated people. In this manner, the educational centers are developing from time to time.

As you can see, in Phnom Penh City which is the heart of Cambodia now has variety of educational Service and bulding like Panhasastra University, International University, IFL, Norton University, etc.,

Accordingly, all types of economy are as well invested from many other indurstrial countries to invest in this poor country.

I am one of the poor, I am so appreciated when my beloved country can have time to update.


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