Be debt savvy in repayment

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Sallie Mae can help you better manage your debt and build a strong credit rating.
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Repay your loans and be debt savvy

Are you leaving school soon?

Know what you owe so you can manage it wisely.

Choose the right repayment plan for you and make your student loan payments manageable.

Pay electronically: Automatic debit and online billing make it easier to pay on time. They also save you money.

Cut costs by prepaying: Prepay your loan and save money.
Track your finances and credit rating

The ins and outs of your credit score: See the effects your score can have on your everyday life.

Understanding your credit score: See what's in your credit report.

Learn 10 rules of smart credit management

Keep your debt level low: Are you on a limited budget? Here are some ways to be debt savvy about your daily finances.

Are you having financial difficulties? Recognize the signs and take action early.

Be savvy with credit cards: Use them wisely

Credit scams: "Got credit problems?" You'll have more if you fall for these scams.

Two easy ways to protect your privacy (and keep telemarketers and credit offers at bay)

Guard against identity theft because if they get your ID, your credit rating might be next.

What should I do if my identity has been stolen? Take these three simple steps and limit the damage.

Bankruptcy and student loans: The laws have changed.


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